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Well, after fifteen years of not writing it, and nine months of writing it for two hours at bedtime it was finally finished and live on Amazon Kindle. It has taken on a life of its own. Two novellas and a second novel have followed. I had this idea when on holiday in Spain, years ago. As I wrote the first part the rest of it all tumbled out. I found a couple of heroes and then a villain popped up. He features in the two novellas that spin off the end of The Keys to the Spanish House. I like that a vague idea or direction takes on its own life while I write. Hope you like it.

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I literally woke up to the sound of an explosion, as does the hero in the first book, yet seemed to be the only person around who heard it. In writing this book the characters seemed to come out of nowhere and it has all come together.

The Wolf is such a strong character with so many facets that the two novellas feature him.

Recovery and romance await him in his hideaway, far from the complications of his old life.

The second novel is the return of George and Ana to the crime organisation and is a tale of treachery, lies and temptation. They also find a closeness with the new, young leader of the criminal gang and the seductive trappings of their empire.


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