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Another new cover for Book 3 - Interview with the Wolf

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

After yesterday's post I found my image, taken years ago on a 3.5mp digital camera wasn't great for viewing on Kindle, so even worse for printing.

So, I downloaded some software and created this beauty - away from a place to having an image that reflects the menace and content of the story.

It's a doctor, in a white coat, with a gun and a sinister medic with a syringe full of poison. Pretty much what the theme is. Still a punchy fast read, a page turning stripped down novella. Few characters and the whole back story of the Wolf not contained in either of the two previous, full-fat novels.

I hope you enjoy it - it is up but still being processed by Kindle then I will add x-ray (loving x-ray) and complete the print version of the cover.

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