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Launching soon - LAST. DAY. POOR.

Having had so much fun with the first book I embarked on the follow up - I had some ideas but no plan. There's a thousand people out there on Pinterest telling you how to write a book.

I had a start to the book, a vague idea for the end and a bit in the middle. Also I felt there should be some development in the relationship between George and Ana. They had only got together midway through The Keys to the Spanish House. Now they are a proper couple. Nearly two years undercover, with all she has witnessed, has taken a toll on Ana and a new boss, and an evil bitchy assistant (who just happens to be his lover) send our heroic couple back into the gang. The surprise is the gang's new head is a flashy playboy their age. They bond but can he be trusted? Dark forces are at work, the Organisation is changing to become corporate and legitimate, laundering their huge income stream. There is resistance and a showdown meeting is planned on the super-yacht of the ultimate head. Gatecrashed by the Spanish Navy Ana and George discover how much they have been manipulated. And by whom. A giant twist at the end, lots of action, duplicitous, greedy people, in Puerto Banus and Ronda. I hope you find it another page turner. This one's ending flies too.

Once again, cover by my daughter Hayley. Website is

If you would care to email at I can add you to the mailing list to advise of future books, free stuff and new releases.

Also I would like to hear what you thought of this book or any of the others in the series.

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