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Second novel in the series.

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LAST. DAY. POOR. - the story

George and Ana infiltrate the gang which now has a new, young, flashy head. They don't know they have been set up by their own boss, smooth French

deputy head of ECCO. They all need Ana's knowledge of where the bulk of the funds are  secured in offshore accounts. She has a dilemma -attracted to the new head and living in a gang-owned prestige resort development in the mountains .Their seductive lifestyle and huge wealth sways Ana, but the only person who can bring them down, is her.


Lies. treachery, state sanctioned execution, a shoot out at a tourist landmark and a twist at the very end make this a page turning read. Great locations you can visit for yourself and sun, sea, boats, cars, unlimited money to launder and a new female baddie set on a violent collision course with Ana.

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