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The Wolf  in Vilanova - the


novella in

the series.

Coming Soon.


Click on the image to purchase on Amazon  - download as an e book or buy as a paperback. Available June 2021.

The Wolf in Vilanova - the story

The two novellas follow the path of Maxim Varanich, aka the Wolf, and provide his back story and why he is the damaged assassin he became. The Wolf in Vilanova finds him recuperating far away from the carnage at the end of The Keys to the Spanish House and his subsequent time in hospital. In recovery from his wounds he finds love with a young woman for the first time in his life and questions the life he has lived to that point.

The explosion of events in LAST. DAY. POOR. means he has to decide which fork in the road to take. To live a dull, normal life or reach out to old associates and make a comeback

Can someone like him live a normal life, with all it's restrictions?

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